We believe in mobility for everyone.

Together, we can turn this vision into reality. Join us!

With intuitive tools, fair offers and our own additional services, we support customers from the optimal choice of mobility towards the perfect customer experience. Because at VEHICULUM, we are in love with challenging the status quo – be it regarding the way we work, the way we think, or the way we lease a car. As a startup on the way to stardom, we have many enticing opportunities for young and established talents alike, and we’d be happy to see you join us on our journey.

We are cheeky, bold, and brazen. We care for each other just as much as we care for our customers, and if you hop onboard, you’ll soon see that working at VEHICULUM is a little different from your usual office job…

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Our guiding values

Values are the guiding principles of our behavior. We all inherited values one way or another and – consciously or subconsciously – strive to live by them every day. At VEHICULUM, we have our very own set of values that guide our daily work and shape our company culture. Do you share them?

Never accept the status quo
If you want to change things up, you shouldn’t be satisfied with their status quo. Rethink existing paradigms instead and stay inquisitive to continuously deliver innovative results. After all, work would be boring otherwise..

Be Fearless and Risk-Taking
Try something new and see where it goes – we won't always know either. What's important is that you believe in your ideas and have the persistence to put them into action. And if you fall, we're here to help you up again.

No Ego-Mentality
Every one of our employees is a great personality and a true gem in the workplace. That’s why it’s important to recognize each other’s qualities and work together as a team. After all, as you know, teamwork makes the dream work!

Be nice and human
Simply put: just don’t be an asshole. Be nice to your colleagues, superiors and subordinates, and treat them with the great amount of love and respect that they deserve. And maybe feed them a cookie once in a while.

Company benefits

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Keep fit
Subsidized memberships for Urban Sports, Fitness First etc. means no more excuses.

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Get social
Our colleagues are the best – you’ll agree once you get here.
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Travel around
We’ll chip in for your BVG ticket so you can get across town for next to nothing.

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Stay flexible
In the office, from home or entirely remote – work when and where it suits you best.

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Fill the piggy bank
With individual consultation and our company pension scheme you can save money for when you need it.

Team voices

Daniela Nuffer
Marketing Team

All the people who work here at VEHICULUM are really passionate about what they do. That’s extremely motivating and creates a vibrant office atmosphere.

Pauline Weyrich
Sales Team

It’s fascinating how enthusiastic you can be about work once you found the right job!

Florian Horlbeck
Logistics Team

My learning curve here at VEHICULUM is shaped like a banana before it gets picked – steep and facing the sky!

Diogo Lima
Tech Team

Many colleagues have actually become good friends of mine. VEHICULUM really does a lot to foster the interpersonal exchange on a casual level.

Sounds interesting?

If you’re keen on shaping the future of mobility with us, we look forward to your application!

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